The remarkable story of Afghanistan’s first women’s orchestra…

#zohratour with Afceco Children at WEF World Economic Forum Davos


« We are thrilled to let you know about the tour of our music team to Europe where 20 girls from our orphanage are performing at World Economic Forum in Davos.

These girls are members of Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra” managed by the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, and will be giving concerts at prestigious stages in Germany and Switzerland.

Follow “Zohra”s tour on Twitter: hashtag #zohratour

One hallmark of AFCECO is a dynamic music program.

Beyond the acknowledged benefits of such a program for children everywhere (greater intelligence, building culture, character development), it must be emphasized how tremendous this is in regards to AFCECO’s core mission to nurture the development of a democratic spirit from within the very heart of Afghan society. In particular, once a girl experiences playing a cello, or piano, or sitar on stage, in public, once she falls in love with her art and becomes inseparable from the power of self-expression, she will never be enslaved by paternalistic mores, never again be sequestered to the corner of a kitchen, to serve and not be seen.

We must thank our music benefactor, The Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) which has graciously enrolled thirty of our girls and boys. Its director and founder Ahmad Sarmast is an Afghan with kindred spirit in terms of his mission to help the underprivileged children and his trust in the power of the arts and education to transform Afghanist. »


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